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Submission link: Destination analysis Due date: 6/22 (Tue.) Required length: At

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Tourism | 0 comments


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Submission link: Destination analysis
Due date: 6/22 (Tue.)
Required length: At least 1,750 words, not counting references
Key elements:
Market analysis (An overview of tourism in the selected destination)
Where tourists come from.
What tourists do.
What the destination offers to tourists
Tourism impact analysis (An overview of tourism impacts in the selected destination)
Economic impacts of tourism
Socio-cultural impacts of tourism
Environment impacts of tourism
Destination assessment (An overview of tourism management in the selected destination)
Where the selected destination locates in the DLC model
What the selected destination does to market itself better
What the selected destination does to manage tourism impact
To earn a good grade, the assignment should:
Meet the desired overall and section lengths.
Demonstrate in-depth discussion of all key elements listed above.
For instance, writing 1,000 words for the market analysis and 300 words for the destination assessment may incur point deduction. Ideally, all three sections should be similar in their lengths and weights.
Demonstrate accurate and sufficient use of theories and concepts discussed in the course.
Demonstrate good use of facts and figures related to tourism in the selected destination.
Analysis and assessment should be based on verifiable facts and figures and not on students’ speculations or experiences. If students wish to claim Nashville is a cultural destination, they should provide facts or figures that support the claim.
When external sources are used, students should provide proper reference information following the APA formatting guidelines.
Demonstrate logical structure and good grammar.
Avoid long direct quotations that carry little meaning and just fill word counts.
Instead of direct quotations, students are expected to provide their own thoughts and feelings through their own voices.

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