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Steps to completing this assignment: Select your favorite health education profe

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Public Administration | 0 comments


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Steps to completing this assignment:
Select your favorite health education professional who presented during our class meeting time on June 14, 15 16, and 20, and write a reflection paper using the guide below:
1. Use the information from your interview to write a paper using the following format:
a. The paper should be APA format
i. Use Times New Roman
ii. Use 12-pt font. No smaller, no larger
iii. The paper should have 1-inch margins
iv. The paper should have a title page and 2 pages of written content (3-pages total)
v. The pages should be numbered
vi. The paper should be double-spaced
vii. Be sure to proofread your paper before submitting it.
2. Here are a few questions you can reflect on when preparing to write your paper.
i. Talk about the presenter’s professional background?
ii. What is the presenter’s current job title and where do you work?
1. In what type of setting or settings does he/she/they work?
2. What population does he/she/they serve?
iii. How did he/she/they get into the field of public health (health education)?
iv. How did his/her/their education at North Carolina Central University (or another school) prepare him/her/them for your career in public health?
v. Did he/her/they attend graduate school after graduating from NCCU?
1. What school did he/she/they attend?
2. What type of graduate degree did he/she/they receive?
3. Was it mandatory for him/her/them to get a graduate degree to advance in his/her/their career(s)?
vi. What professional certifications did he/she/they obtain?
1. Is he/she (are they) a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)? (Ask this question only if your person has a professional background/degree in health education.)
2. Does he/she (do they) feel that having professional certifications are essential for establishing a career?
vii. What are the most valuable lesson(s) that they have learned over the years as you have developed as a professional?
viii. What is their professional philosophy? (Example: What is your professional philosophy about the work in the field of health education or another field of practice?)
ix. Finally, what advice does he/she (do they) have for me as I work to establish a professional career (in the field of public health)?
d. You are not limited to the questions listed above. You can add additional or clarifying interview questions.

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