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In this experiential learning experience, you will evaluate a healthcare plan using the attached worksheet. The selected plan can be your own health insurance or another plan.
Step 1
Use published information on the selected health insurance plan to complete the assignment 5.1 worksheet.
Step 2
Create a 7-10 slide Power Point presentation to include the following:
Introduction to the plan, including geographic boundaries
Major coverage inclusions and exclusions (Medical, Dental, Vision etc.)
Costs to consumer for insurance under the plan (include premiums, deductibles, copays, prescription costs)
Health insurance plan ratings if available. If no ratings are found for this plan, include a possible explanation for this situation.
Evaluation of the health insurance plan-include your evaluation of this plan from two standpoints:
a consumer-focused on costs, coverage, and ease of use
a public health nurse- focused on access to care for populations and improving health outcomes.
Cite all sources in APA format on a reference slide and with on-slide citations.

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