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Song & Album project From: The Interpersonal Meaning of Music and Ethology by Fe

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Song & Album project
From: The Interpersonal Meaning of Music and Ethology by Ferdinand Knobloch (with props to Friedrich Nietzsche)
We are connected — indirectly by the illusive bridges of words, and directly by music, dance and laughter. What is it that my whole body expects from music? Its own ease: as if all animal functions in me and my friends- love, anger, pride , sadness- were quickened, and I could reach the essence of people as never before. Music makes me slip into the dramas and tragedies of others’ lives — and for a while I am even seduced into believing that these concrete scenes reveal the meaning of music. But that is how music teases me. The scenes are only illusions, reflections on water. The paradox of music is that it is a universal language — and yet, the universality is not an empty universality of abstraction. Music talks directly to my senses and my body and reveals the true nature of human beings. (
THE ALBUM For this assignment, you are asked to compose an “album” of songs that define a certain interpersonal relationship/ relationships you have been or still are in. In putting together your sound track, consider what kind of relationship you are focusing on: self, friendship, family, romantic, etc… Also, you may choose to focus on particular phases or stages in the relationship you’ve chosen: maybe this is the break up album for a relationship that ended; or it could be the love songs that define the start of a budding romance; or even the soundtrack of important experiences you’ve had many over time in the development of your relationship with yourself, an old friend, or sibling. Use your imagination. Additionally, you could choose to make an album that addresses different relationships you have of the same interpersonal type: choose a song for each of your closest friendships; compose an album with tunes for everyone in your immediate family; make an album for your class group mates… Be creative! You need at least 3 songs for your discussion. You also have the option to incorporate a visual aid in your oral presentation. WRITTEN OBSERVATION: (2 pages typed)
Consider the dimensions of interpersonal relationship(s) you are addressing in your list of songs. In particular, how might these tunes help you talk about some of the key themes and ideas addressed in the last few chapters we’ve been looking at: intrapersonal communication, dialectical tensions, relational messages, perception, nonverbal messages, Knapp’s model, friendship features, self-disclosure…
You might also want to include ideas from any of the other chapters that help you talk about both the relationship(s) your album refers to AND how the songs speak to that relationship/those relationships. Are you defining a whole relationship over the course of time? A particular phase/stage of one relationship? A type of relationship and different examples or categories in your life? Depending on the choices you made above for the album itself, what you talk about in the paper may vary. The key is to discuss the relationship(s) or the real life experience, the songs, and the relevant theories and ideas that tie the two together. Simply writing about your life and the songs that apply to your life will not be enough. You must use key terms and concepts in your paper!!!

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