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Socialization Paper In life we are constantly being socialized. From interaction

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Sociology | 0 comments


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Socialization Paper
In life we are constantly being socialized. From
interactions from the past, we are changing the way that we do things and how
we respond to people in certain situations for how we interact in the future.
We are constantly shifting back and forth looking at ourselves as an object and
playing that out as a subject.
This paper will consist of four parts, BUT ALL PARTS ARE TO BE ORDERED THE EXACT SAME WAY. Think back to a
time where you had a certain social interaction that made you rethink the way
you were acting and caused you to change who you were. Think about how you
viewed yourself as an object and decided how you should behave next time you
were in this certain social situation. Describe the experience of becoming a
subject and then actually playing out what you decided to do as an object. Make
sure to include how you felt in each situation and how you came to a new
understanding of a way to behave. Now come up with four situations exactly like
that and write about them.
Your paper should consist of four separate parts dedicated
to each social situation. You should title each section I. II. III. and IV.
Make sure to include every part of the socialization part that is mentioned
above. Each section should consist of three paragraphs.
The first paragraph dedicated to the social situation
(describe the social situation in detail: how people acted toward you, how it
made you feel, how it made you think about yourself, how you were acting in the
situation, etc.).
The second paragraph should consist of looking at yourself
as an object (describe in detail what your behavior was before that
interaction, what you felt like you were supposed to change, how you went about
planning what to change, etc.).
The third paragraph should include yourself as a subject
acting it out (describe in detail what you did differently, how people acted
toward the new you, did you change the right thing, were you perceived better,
Each paper should be in 12 point font Times New Roman,
double spaced and be at least 3/no more than 4 pages. No header.
If your paper is not done in this way you will automatically
be docked points.

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