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Reviewing course readings, discussions, independent research and personal experi

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Education | 0 comments


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Reviewing course readings, discussions, independent research and personal experiences students
must identify one (1) area upon which to create an instructional coaching framework. The area
may be one that is an existing issue in their current school, or one that has been read about and
requires further explanation. Students will create a specific plan for addressing the identified
To create the correction plan, you must identify one {1} issue/obstacle
Instructional Coaches may face in their work. The entire
plan can NOT
exceed ten {10} pages. Each section of the plan MUST be labeled according
to the areas below. Once you have
identified your area of focus, you will
create a plan with the following components:
1. Statement of the Problem
 How did you decide on this problem? Why do you feel it is an issue? If the
issue is alleviated, how would this improve
instruction, curriculum
development, curriculum implementation, student achievement, etc.?
2. Background Research of the Problem
 Provide background literature that discusses the issue you are addressing in
the correction plan. Offer research from a variety of sources, to create a
global view of the issue.
3. Persons Involved in Correction Plan
 Who are the individuals {positions NOT specific names} that would be
included in your plan in order for it be successful? What would be their roles
in the plan?
4. Types of Coaching Included in Correction Plan
 As you think of progressing through this plan over the course of the year,
what types of coaching would be involved?
Facilitative Coaching? Directive
Coaching? Transformational Coaching? Provide a justification of why you
think each method
would be effective.
5. On-Going Methods of Interaction with Persons Involved
 What types of interactions will you have with the people involved during
implementation of the correction plan? Modeling?
Co-Teaching? Co-Planning?
Observation? Feedback? Real-Time Coaching? Weekly Meetings? Journaling?
Etc. Clearly specify
which interactions are with which individuals.
6. Professional Development Opportunities
 What types of professional development opportunities would be utilized for
the people involved, which would assist in
progress towards achieving overall
7. Phases of Coaching
 Consider how you would implement the correction plan over the course of the
year, and determine what activities,
interactions, data sources, professional
development, etc. would occur during each phase. Phase I {AugustSeptember}, Phase II {October-January}, Phase III {February-March} &
Phase IV {April-May}. This information may be presented in a table if it is
preferable to fully outline the phases.
8. Evidence of Outcomes/Changes
 What artifacts will be collected during the year that will provide evidence of
outcomes and changes in the condition? Meeting Notes? Lesson Plans?
Curriculum Development? Student Data? Document Creation? Videos?
Reflections? Etc.
9. Methods for Embedding & Maintenance of Practices
 What mechanisms will be utilized to ensure the strategies implemented will
be embedded in the school culture/operations, to ensure that all progress
attained can be maintained in an on-going manner?
10. References

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