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Review of an academic paper in International Trade (50 pts) Select a paper from

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Economics | 0 comments


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Review of an academic paper in International Trade (50 pts)
Select a paper from the list below, read it, and then prepare a summary document. The summary should answer the following questions:
What is the paper doing?
Why is the paper important (for scholars, policymakers, or other economic agents)?
Who else has done similar studies (literature review)?
What is the contribution of this paper to the field of International Economics?
What are the main findings of the paper?
Any recommendations (for scholars, policymakers)?
You do not have to spend much time on any model but try to understand the results’ interpretations.
Keller, W., & Olney, W. W. (2020). Globalization and executive compensation. Journal of International Economics
Edward E. Leamer. (1996). Wage Inequality from International Competition and Technological Change: Theory and Country Experience. The American Economic Review, 86(2), 309–314
Docquier, F., & Rapoport, H. (2012). Globalization, brain drain, and development. Journal of Economic Literature , 50 (3), 681–730
Uprety, D. (2017). The impact of international trade on emigration in developing countries. Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 26(8), 907
Leblebicioğlu, A., & Weinberger, A. (2021). Openness and factor shares: Is globalization always bad for labor? Journal of International Economics , 128
Robert C. Feenstra, & Gordon H. Hanson. (1996). Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality. The American Economic Review, 86(2), 240–245.
Borrs, L., & Knauth, F. (2021). Trade, technology, and the channels of wage inequality. European Economic Review , 131
Pi, J., & Fan, Y. (2021). Institutional change and wage inequality. International Review of Economics and Finance, 71, 440–452.
Hallak, J. C. (2006). Product quality and the direction of trade. Journal of International Economics , 68 (1), 238.
Kitenge, E. (2021). The Linder Hypothesis during the Globalization Era. Economics Letters.
Mario I. Blejer. (1978). Income Per Capita and the Structure of Industrial Exports: An Empirical Study. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 60(4), 555–561
2. Write an essay on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in International Trade (BIE Project) (50 pts)
The ongoing globalization has connected economic agents within and across countries. Both demanders and suppliers have access to markets beyond their geographic locations. Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted concept. There is no consensus on what Entrepreneurship is, but the term “Entrepreneurship” has been used to reflect various activities such as creation, founding, adapting, and managing a venture. The term entrepreneurship has also been used to mirror a wide range of behaviors and skills, including intuition, vigor, energy, persistence, self-esteem, personal values, risk-taking, need for achievement, innovation, creativity, discovery, planning, people organizing, budgeting, motivating, directing, leading, alertness to opportunities, and maximizing decisions (Cunningham & Lischeron, 1991). Scholars have defined international entrepreneurship as 1) the ability and willingness to establish and manage international supply chain systems, 2) the ability to penetrate unfamiliar or familiar international markets, 3) the ability to navigate through different country-specific legal systems, 4) partnering with foreign businesses. Innovation – a surrogate for entrepreneurship- is defined as implementing a new or significantly changed product or process (Gault, 2018).
Come up with a real-life situation reflecting the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in international trade. (At most 1 paragraph with more than 150 words)
Identify at least three channels through which entrepreneurship and innovation can impact international trade. (At least 3 paragraphs, 1 paragraph with more than 150 words per channel). Make sure you cite appropriately any idea you get from others.
Find at least three academic papers that have addressed issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation in international trade. For each paper, tell how entrepreneurship & innovation were defined and captured. (At least 3 paragraphs, 1 paragraph with more than 150 words per channel). Make sure you provide citations, using the APA style, for any idea you get from others.
Provide a reference list that contains all the papers you have cited
Special instructions
Write in plain English and use in-text citations. Plagiarism should be avoided. Thus, a similarity index of >30% with an induvial paper will be considered plagiarism and the university policy will be enforced accordingly.
Reference list
Cunningham, J. B., & Lischeron, J. (1991). Defining entrepreneurship. Journal of small business management, 29(1), 45-61
Gault, F. (2018). Defining and measuring innovation in all sectors of the economy. Research policy, 47(3), 617-622.

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