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response reflexive to the discussion with two paragraphs of 150 words each, with

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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response reflexive to the discussion with two paragraphs of 150 words each, with two references in APA 7 format within the last five years published. Turnitin Checking <20%. There are a variety of different policy issues that may motivate nurses to lobby Congress. Education is one of the policy issues that will make nurses lobby. Nurses can lobby on behalf of policies that will assist in advancing nursing education (Flaskerud, 2018). Nurses can advocate for establishing essential educational institutions that will prepare future generations of nurses to provide care to a wide variety of patients and communities. Access to holistic health care is another policy issue that nurses can consider. Improving services provided by health centers, local communities, neighborhood clinics, and health clinics that nurses manage can be one way for nurses to fight for policies that care for patients and caregivers. They can advocate for improving public health and educational opportunities to respond appropriately to the problems posed by the new health care environment. Exposure to other perspectives can encourage nurses to participate in political campaigns. In order to improve the delivery of interprofessional health care and reduce the prevalence of health disparities, nurses can fight for policies that will enrich and maintain relevant, culturally competent nursing education. It is necessary because adopting this strategy will make it easier to identify the various requirements of the nation's populations and localities (Flaskerud, 2018). Strategies Nurses can utilize different tactics in order to get their views heard. First and foremost, nurses can join the political party of their choice and ultimately use their right to vote. To improve the negotiating power of nurses, organizations such as ANA should encourage their members to vote. Additionally, it will assist in bringing their concerns to the surface. Additionally, nurses can participate in voter registration and mobilization campaigns. During the campaign, certain volunteers take part in a variety of processes. By participating in a campaign, nurses have the opportunity to be active in the communication with candidates on the ground, which may be a very rewarding experience for them. This will allow them to educate contestants on crucial topics for the nursing community, such as safe patient handling, enough staffing, and the provision of long-lasting medical equipment (Carlson, 2016).

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