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Research question

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Healthcare | 0 comments


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Please detail in this section what statistical test you would use to analyze the data you propose to collect (in the Research Method section). Why would you plan to use this particular test? How would you interpret this statistic and this data as it relates to your hypothesis/null hypothesis and the overall meaning for you healthcare topic?
Content from Week 4 will assist in getting this section started.
Your submission should include:
The draft you have completed so far:
Research question
Hypothesis (with clear variables)
Literature Review
New section identifying the statistical analysis you would need to conduct (although you will not conduct it)
What type of statistical analysis would work best to test your hypothesis?
Brief explanation supported by research (at least one reference)
APA format should be followed.
topic of the research paper is Security and training with employees in HIM (or if you have a shorter topic name for this, please feel free to come up with one)
Please do whatever you think its best for the research.

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