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Research & documentation:

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We invite you to watch the Video ( ) on Natural Sciences. During the course of the next four sub-modules, you will complete a major writing assignment. The essay will be four (4) paragraphs and six-hundred (600) words long. Your thesis should name the issue, the most disturbing aspect of the issue, and the most promising aspect of the issue. Your body paragraphs–the most disturbing and most promising aspects respectively–should explain WHY you believe this aspect to be disturbing/promising.
Research & Documentation:
Citations should be in APA format. References Page included.
The amount of Cited information should not exceed 25%
Watch these videos to get familiar with APA In Text Citations and APA References.
Formatting the Essay:
This essay will use APA formatting. The entire essay should:
Be double spaced, including the Reference page.
Contain one-inch margins all the way around, which is standard for Microsoft Word.
Present headers with Running head, Title, and Page Number on the the first page (usually the title page)
Present Title and Page Number in headers on the second and all subsequent pages.
Feature an original title centered on the first page of the actual essay.
Include an abstract and title page.
Scoring the Essay:
Look over the Rubric
Read it carefully.
Your grade depends on it.

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