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Research articles used for the paper are to be uploaded

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The purpose of the synthesis paper is to integrate current peer-reviewed research on cognitive behavior. Students will briefly explain the research, how it relates to cognitive behavior, their conclusions, and how they can apply it to an area of their life (e.g., personal, academic, or professional). The paper is worth 75 points.
The paper must be written in essay format and include proper APA-style citations and a reference page. No title or abstract page is needed. Research articles used for the paper are to be uploaded
separately from the synthesis paper to the appropriate Canvas link provided.
1. The required paper length is to be no longer than three pages.
2. Students should describe the material in their own words using complete, grammatically
correct sentences.
3. Quoted or plagiarized content will not receive credit. Students need to convey the
information in their own words. Direct quotes or paraphrasingresembling the
material will not be accepted, even with citations.Minor use of terms used by the
authors does not constitute plagiarism.
4. In-text citations and a reference page are required.
5.Students should upload a copy of the research article with their paper. Papers submitted
without the accompanying research article will not be accepted.
Papers submitted without a TurnItIn score will not be accepted.

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