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Read Puchalski C. M. (2001). The role of spirituality in health care. Proceeding

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Puchalski C. M. (2001). The role of spirituality in health care. Proceedings – Baylor University. Medical Center, 14(4), 352–357.
Reflect on this article and your reading from chapter 5 of the Mauk & Hobus text by writing an essay explaining how you might care for the spiritual life of their clients and yourself.
Watch this lecture (11:33) on Nursing and Theology.
Submit: Essay Reflection
Write a clear concise, and detailed essay answering the following questions. For each question, you should write one well-developed paragraph citing evidence from both assigned readings to support your answer.
Use APA 7th edition format for your in-text citations and references. Use one-inch margins and double-space your paper. See the CSP library site for directions:
Provide an introductory paragraph.
Following your introduction, in the first paragraph, describe a specific example where you observed a client participate in a religious or spiritual practice. You may also use an example from someone in your own life. How did the religious or spiritual practice benefit the client? How did the client’s health care team respond?
In the second paragraph, describe the role of spirituality in health care based on the article by Christina Puchalski and the readings in the Mauk & Hobus text. How has this article shaped your own understanding of the place of spirituality in health care?
Describe the benefits and challenges of providing for a client’s spiritual needs, then articulate your own approach for providing spiritual care for your clients.
Describe the spiritual needs, challenges, and opportunities for health care providers. What spiritual, emotional, and relational care will you need as a nurse while caring for clients?
Write a conclusion paragraph.

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