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Read: “What is AAVE (African American Vernacular English)?”: https://www.langua

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“What is AAVE (African American Vernacular English)?”:
(Links to an external site.)
In our textbook (the Norton Anthology), read:
“All God’s Chillun Had Wings,” pp. 57-58
“Run, Nigger, Run,” p. 24
“God’s a-Gonna Trouble the Water (AKA “Wade in the Water”),” p. 18

AREA C Post 4
For each 1-page post, students will be prompted to think about and respond to 5 different prompts as they relate to the assigned literature of each learning module:
Audience: To whom is the writer writing? Other Black people, all people, or white people? What led you to this conclusion?
Agenda: Does the writer have a specific agenda regarding the ‘white gaze’ and its stereotypes about Black people? In other words, does the writer respond to white racist ideas or simply ignore them?
How does the writer oppose racist ideas, if at all? Does the writer do so by affirming Blackness OR by imitating whiteness to prove the legitimacy of Black people?
Evolution: Is this piece of literature a departure from African tradition (significant change), an adaptation of African tradition (a “changing same” as Amiri Baraka said), OR is it a retention of African tradition (no change, straight Motherland-style)? What led you to this conclusion?
Concern: Which area(s) of social concern are expressed most intensely in this literary work? Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, and/or Spirituality? What led you to this conclusion?
Raise a Question: Write your own critical thinking question about the reading.

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