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Read the Overview for this assignment and complete this module’s required readin

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Read the Overview for this assignment and complete this module’s required reading.
Review the political ideologies discussed in your required reading (e.g., liberalism, conservatism, etc.).
Locate a current (within the past 12 months) editorial or political opinion article relevant to politics or government in the United States that makes an argument about policy or what government should or should not be doing.
Write a 2-3 page scholarly paper using this Political Opinions and Ideology Academic Paper template. Your paper is to include:
Title page. The title page is not included in your page count.
Introduction. Your introduction is to include an explanation of what ideology is.
Body. The body of the paper is to include a synopsis of the news item. Your synopsis is to include:
A complete citation for the article following APA guidelines.
In one sentence explain why you chose this news article. Include how the article relates to your professional practice or how it impacts your life or the life of someone you know? For example: You might say something like, “I selected the Stirewalt (2012) article entitled ‘Wisconsin results cap lousy liftoff for Obama campaign’ because I live and work in Wisconsin.” Then in the Reference, include the cite: Stirewalt, C. (2012, June 6). Wisconsin results cap lousy liftoff for Obama campaign. FoxNews.
Summarize the information provided in the news item. Note if the author references important Constitutional principles or values of American government.
Identify the ideology expressed in the article. Cite the textbook. Briefly explain why you think this is the ideology of the author. For example, you might say something like, “In this article the author, John Doe, stated ——–. This statement aligns with the ideology —— (Dye, 2012, p. 20).
Identify and explain your personal ideology. Cite the textbook as you explain your personal ideology.
Explain how your personal ideology affects your evaluation of the article. For example, do you tend agree with the author(s) because the arguments align with or appeal to your ideology, or do you interpret the facts the author presents differently because the author has a different ideology than you do?
Conclusion. In 50-100 words, explain why it is important to understand your personal ideology and to be able to evaluate the ideology expressed in a news article.
References. Your reference page is to follow APA guidelines, (Links to an external site.) begins at the top of a fresh page at the end of your paper, and needs to be numbered but is not counted in your page-count. Type references in alphabetical order by author’s last name, using the APA citation. Double space and use hanging indent. Your reference list must list all references found in the body of your document.

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