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Read Chapters 4 (Capturing Leads) and Chapter 5 Designing a Lead and Nurturing S

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Read Chapters 4 (Capturing Leads) and Chapter 5 Designing a Lead and Nurturing System in the Book the 1-Page Marketing Plan
Assignment 4: Capture Leads – The goal is to find people who are interested in your product or services and to position you and your company as an expert in that particular business or field.
Write a lead generating opening and include something that gives value to your prospective customer and begins to establish you as an expert. You want to select an “ethical bribe or reference” that fits your product or service and include it in your ad.
(Include the link where you found your information or obtain permission, if applicable. Cite the source. If you are the author of what you might use, cite yourself). (5 points)
Research 2 potential CRM systems that you could use to track customers in your potential business. Provide an overview of the systems. Choose ONE that you would use for your business. Share why and how how it fits your business. Include links to both systems (10 points)
Assignment 5: Design a Lead Nurturing system – Follow-up is critical, so the goal here is to build a Marketing Infrastructure
Create a “shock and awe” package – make a detailed list of 3 things you’d put in a “shock and awe” package. (You may select from those listed on p. 113 or identify your own). For each item your select, DESCRIBE what you would do with that item and/or how you’d use it. The explanation is key. (15 points)
The company I open is a sprots products clothings store, and I am from China, and Im a panda person, also, “Xiaoxiao” means happy laugh in chinese. I hope that all my customers are happy to walk out of our store. The biggest feature of our store is that customers can choose their favorite clothes and fabrics, and then customize their favorite style.

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