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Read Chapter 9&10, Link below

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Read Chapter 9&10, Link below
Choose one to answer:
What are some ethical issues associated with health care delivery and access
Why is it the responsibility of a founder to establish an ethical business culture, and how is this done?
Describe the positive and negative effects of growth on employees and stakeholders in a start-up. Provide examples.
What risks does an entrepreneur assume when starting a new company?
What are the ethical implications of corporate wellness programs?
Define the digital era and identify ethical issues related to it.
Explain the emotional issues faced by the founder of Kinko’s.
Why is subliminal advertising an ethical issue? Provide examples of research and analysis from the chapter.
Is disaster insurance unfair to insurance companies? Explain your answer and provide an example.
Can entrepreneurial companies foster a work-life balance?
What factors does an employee consider when deciding what type of management they would prefer to work with?
What is a more challenging culture to manage: established or start-up?
Why do some employees prefer telecommuting?
What are benefits and detractors of workplace campuses? Provide some examples.
What are the legal risks of companies that use contract employees? Provide an example.
How and why would a company institute a job-sharing plan?
Is it ethical to expect an employee to live close to work?
What are the ethical issues of having increased automation in the workplace?
Does the access economy need more regulation, and what are the ethical implications of such? Provide at least two examples.
What is the JOBS Act and how has it helped the new economy? Provide an example.

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