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Read Chapter 11: Approaches to Instruction and submit your paper Stress in the

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Read Chapter 11: Approaches to Instruction and submit your paper Stress in the Teaching Profession by Sunday, June 26 at midnight.
Instructions for the Stress paper are here:
For this course you are required to write a Stress in Teaching paper..
For your research paper, you are required to develop 10 questions to present to 20 subjects, 10 male and 10 female subjects. Because of the current situation with the pandemic and the difficulty you might have getting 20 subjects, i will allow you to do the Stress paper using only 10 subjects. The subjects that you interview do not have to be teachers. Once again, your topic is Stress in Teaching.. Your paper should have a cover page that identifies the title of your project and your name. Next, two pages, single-spaced, will incorporate the body of your paper. These two pages will include the 4 sections of this type of paper: INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION. Each section title should be in large, bold type. The next and last page should contain a list of the questions that you have asked of your subjects.
In the INTRODUCTION section you will communicate in 4-6 sentences the purpose of your survey. Here you can state that your survey is about stress in teaching. You can define stress. You can, if you are doing so, say that you will look at age or gender as relevant variables that may have an impact on stress in the field of teaching.. You may choose to highlight various work-related stressors that contribute to stress. Or, you may focus on stress-related symptoms or coping strategies.
In the METHODS section you indicate how the data was collected. With this project, of course, the data will be collected via surveys. But, your surveys can be completed in person, via mail, via computer, over the phone or some combination of the various approaches. Also, in this section, you will identify your subjects by giving such information as age, occupation, gender. For example, you can state that ages ranged from 25-62. You can list the various occupations of your subjects. There is no need to actually identify the real names of your subjects. Their identify should be confidential.
In the RESULTS section you identify, without discussion, your major findings. You don’t need to report all of your results. You can use measures of central tendency such as the mean or median. You can also use percentages. You may include graphs or tables, if you prefer.
In the DISCUSSION section you discuss your findings. You may also address any surprises that emerged. You can talk about questions that may have needed to be redesigned, because of confusion, or questions that you now believe should have been included. In other words, what might you do differently the next time and why.
Regarding your questions, you are free to ask any question of your subjects, as long as it is appropriate and relevant. If you have questions about any aspect of this project, you may, of course, ask me. I would be very glad to help you in any way I can.

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