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Reaction papers allow students the opportunity to integrate theory from relevant

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Sports and Athletics | 0 comments


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Reaction papers allow students the opportunity to integrate theory from relevant class readings, lectures, and class discussions into an analysis of specific cases in sport administration. This assignment#3, reaction paper to ‘Student Athlete’ highlights the concepts discussed in class which are prevalent in the corresponding documentary. Reactions should be the answers to four (4) discussion points as follows.
Students are encouraged to pull from any class material or available online resources, not just the lesson directly connected with the film/documentary. This paper is worth 10% of your final grade.
Reactions to Four (4) Discussion Points
Pay for play? Student athletes should be paid or they should not be paid.
Student-athletes are amateurs, the NCAA uses to avoid compensation. Give facts to support your argument
Do student athletes deserve to be paid?
Is a tuition-free education enough?
Should athletes be allowed to make money off their own name, image and likenesses?
The NCAA holds a monopoly on the power over collegiate athletics (i.e., Cartel)
Price-fixing is the main reason cartels exist. The NCAA would have you believe that cartel is the protector of amateur athletics.
How do you think about student-athletes’ athletic scholarship and stipend as price discrimination?
College student athletes’ athletic eligibility for professional publish/team entering
Provide your response to student-athletes’ recruiting process or non-eligibility for professional publish eligibility.
Should student athletes seek professional advice?
The commercialization of collegiate athletics
For instance, infrastructural and facility costs are growing; Coaching salaries have accelerated; Current collegiate sport media money is another evidence why schools have been able to absorb enormous operational expenditures.
Guideline for the Structure of the Reaction Paper:
1. Introductory paragraph
• Clearly state your main idea. Describe the specific points you will discuss
Body paragraphs (4 paragraphs)
Reactions to 4 discussion questions
Develop and discuss each point with a critical analysis of the evidence you have found
Concluding paragraph
• Summarize your main thoughts regarding the film/documentary
Paper Guidelines
The paper rubrics are attached on the submission link under ‘Learning Modules’ tab
No limitation of paper length; However, you all know the importance of QUALITY
over QUANTITY. You need to show adequate knowledge of key issues with sufficient and credible sources.
APA Formatting
Title page + Main Body (intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion) + References
Double-spaced; 1 inch margins
12 pt; Times New Roman
References: Alphabetical order

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