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question 1 For information regarding diagnoses and procedures involving the mus

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question 1 For information regarding diagnoses and procedures involving the musculoskeletal system, an excellent resource is the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. For a better understanding of orthopedic conditions and procedures a visual animation may provide you with a better understanding of what is actually achieved during the diagnosis and surgery process.
Using your favorite search engine, type in American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons . On the home page click on the Orthoinfo Patient Website. Click on any body part on the figure that appears and choose an article of interest. The categories of articles will vary according to the body part you selected. In your initial post, share the name of the article you read and cite at least one interesting fact that you would like others to know about. You may explore other areas of the site according to your own interests. of course!
question 2 As a health care professional you will frequently use web sites for personal and academic research. Go to the following cite to watch the tutorial on how to evaluate health information:
It is important to know which sources are considered reputable. For searches involving various aspects of healthcare, the following sites may be used. Note that the url for each signifies the type of resource i.e. educational institution, government agency, commercial enterprise, professional organization. You may review any number of the following sites, but for this discussion, share your comments on just two. Copy and paste the url into your web browser and review at least two of the sites shown below. Your initial discussion post should feature what you found relative to the warnings given in the Medline presentation.

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