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Purpose This assignment will help you view your topic of interest through the le

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This assignment will help you view your topic of interest through the lenses of qualitative design.
Action Items
Part 1, Module 2
1. Build an open-ended survey on Microsoft Forms or Google Forms. If you are not familiar with these, check the videos on how to do them.
2. Make sure your survey is not required. Make it optional – you want the answers to be as anonymous as possible. The only required item is the informed consent.
3. You will distribute the survey to all your classmates in the discussion thread below. You will also fill out every single survey from other classmates.
4. Include a consent form at the beginning of your open-ended survey (example included in the videos for the course). This is the only item that can be required in your survey. Everything else should be optional for the person who is filling out the survey.
5. Think about the questions you will ask and your target audience. You may be interested in studying a population of youth in juvenile correction centers, but the people who will fill out your survey are your classmates. They would not know how to answer your questions that are so specific about a certain population. Be creative and consider adjusting your questions in a way that your classmates can answer. Some examples on how to modify these are included in the instructional video.
6. Include 5-8 open ended questions in your open-ended survey.
7. Include a few multiple-choice demographics at the end that may help you in the analysis stage.
8. Include a brief message to every single student who submitted a survey after you take their survey. You can recommend/suggest changes, you can tell them about your experience, or put anything else you think will help your classmates.
9. Have the survey done and out by the end of Module 2, and fill out the surveys of your classmates during in Module 3.
Part 2, Module 3
1. Make sure you fill out all your classmates’ surveys. Be thoughtful and deliberate in your responses.
2. Add a suggestion or a comment to each survey. Think about questions that need to be edited, added, or changed.
3. Read the chapters for Module 3.
4. Watch the videos for Module 3.

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