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Purpose The goal of this assignment is for the learner to locate, read, understa

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The goal of this assignment is for the learner to locate, read, understand, and accurately summarize the critical aspects of an U.S. domestic law published court decision.
Tasks with Directions
Your assignment is to conduct legal research to locate a U.S. domestic published appellate court decision concerning an aspect of U.S. healthcare and submit a written case review summary using the course Case Review Format provided below.
The aspect of healthcare and the specific case/decision is yours to decide. Case topics include, but are not limited to, litigation involving medical malpractice, Affordable Care Act, pharmaceutical liability, insurance company health care contracting, protecting patient information, etc.  Choose a topic or issue of professional or personal interest to examine its legal perspective.  
See Anatomy of a Published Legal Case, Examples on How to Cite the Law, How to Locate Free Case Law on the Internet, CHP 480 Case Review Format, and CHP 480 Sample Case Review resources provided at the Assignment Submission tab.      
You must find and use a copy of the courts original full-length published decision. Accordingly, you may not use any secondary source such as an article, textbook, website, or other publication, blog discussion, etc. that discusses your case or provides a summary synopsis. You must, instead, locate and use the “original” published decision because the purpose of this exercise is to familiarize you with “where the law comes from” and expose you to the idiosyncratic format of how legal decisions are drafted and published – something distinctly different from other formats encountered in academia and society in general. By reading the full decision and summarizing it using the Case Review format, you will have a useful process and framework to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to locate, read, comprehend, summarize, and apply any reported “case law” on any topic and for any purpose.
For this assignment, restrict yourself to federal and state appellate court decisions (U.S. and state Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal) because these court decisions offer the complete picture and often provide precedent-setting decisions with significant impact on either the provision or enforcement of public health services and programs.
Submission Guidelines
Use the provided Case Review Format and address and complete all fields A-N.              
Paper must be in MS Word document format, Times New Roman 12  1.5 line spacing, 1-inch margins.
Do not exceed three pages, do not include a cover page, table of contents, reference page, or other filler pages.
Include on first page the following summarized Honor Code statement in full on all work turned in for grading: I pledge that I have neither given nor received any aid on this work” 
Use proper APA Publication Manual (7th Edition, Oct. 2019) format. Legal Citations must be in Blue Book format, which has been adopted by APA 7 as appropriate for APA citation of legal references.
Conduct a thorough and accurate pre-submission proofreading, spelling/grammar check, and final editing review paying close attention to word choice, subject/verb agreement, incomplete or nonsensical sentences, etc.
Name your assignment Word documents as follows: “Last Name.Case Review
Tips for Success:
Assignment Resources
Anatomy of a Published Legal Case
Examples on How to Cite the Law
How to Locate Free Case Law on the Internet
CHP480 Case Review Format
CHP480 Sample Case Review Anatomy of a Published Legal Case 

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