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Purpose: The dental hygiene student will assume responsibility for the quality o

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Pharmacology | 0 comments


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The dental hygiene student will assume responsibility for the quality of care provided to their
patient. Dental hygiene is the science and practice of recognition, prevention and treatment or
oral diseases and conditions as an integral component to overall health. Dental hygiene students
will provide education, assessment, research, administrative, diagnostic, preventative and
therapeutic services that support overall health through promotion of oral health.1 The purpose of
the pharmacology freshmen capstone is to provide framework where students will identify a
commonly used drug and provide a poster board presentation on the substance.
Freshmen Capstone Project:
Students will be paired in groups of two and will be responsible for presenting an overview of an
assigned pharmacologic agent. Students will submit a tri-fold poster presentation, not to be more
than 50% photos/art work. The components/requirements for this poster are outlined in this
handbook. The student will display their understanding of pharmacology and how it relates to
dental hygiene patient treatment. The student must include a minimum of 3 credible, academic
sources which must be cited in APA format.
Credible/Academic Sources:
Credible sources are those that are peer-reviewed and include scholarly articles, textbooks, and
conference papers. Websites that are considered credible often end in .edu or .gov. (Please note
that Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source). Credible sources contain reliable and
accurate information to support various assertations. These sources have qualified and
experienced authors, are impartial, and enhance knowledge.
Importance To The Profession:
Continual learning after the completion of a formal education is especially critical in the dynamic
area pharmacology. New drugs are constantly being discovered and synthesized. New effects of
old drugs are identified. New diseases and drugs for the treatment of those diseases are being
studied. Today’s dental hygiene student will need to be able to access new information about new
drugs and intelligently communicate with others (professionals and patients) using the unique
medical and pharmacologic vocabularies.2
DH Pharmacology Final Project
Poster Board Instructions:
Poster boards should be a tri-fold. An example appears below:
Poster presentations are designed to relate information to the viewer without verbal explanations.
Well designed posters are appealing in their balance of visual information, ie: pictures, graphs,
tables, etc. complemented by captions, written explanations, etc. Posters should include the
1. The title section of the poster should include the title of the project, the students’ names
and the name of the college.
2. Poster must have an approved EIC logo on it.
3. Ensure the background and font combination are legible and easy for the viewer to read.
4. Place the title on top and artistically arrange the remaining information below.
5. Titles (bold, all caps) need to be the largest print to be seen from at least 5’ away.
6. Must include a literature cited section to provide details of the published works that were
described/discussed in the poster (this can be written in smaller font to save space).
Well designed posters are appealing at first glance, inviting the viewer to investigate further to
discover new knowledge and information. Be precise with the information you present by
sticking to what is absolutely relevant; too much information can detract from posters. Spend
some time artistically arranging you information and please check all spelling and grammar.
Poster boards should be focused on the following sections (but not limited to):

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