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Purpose: – To demonstrate your engagement with the course material and reflect o

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– To demonstrate your engagement with the course material and reflect on what ideas, concepts or general themes you related to most/ stood out to you the most. – Respond to some article or portion of an article. – Use as a study tool for Quiz 2, due same day
Options for Shape and Form of Learning Journal:
1. Written journal entry (see basic requirements above).
– You are able to use the reflection questions on both the detailed reading lists or PowerPoints as a guide. You can respond to one article or multiple articles, or focus on a specific topic/theme and utilize your own resources and/or textbook articles for your discussion. Basic Requirements for Written Entries:
– Approximately 3-4 pages in length
– Size 11-12 readable font, 1.5-2 spaced
– External resources are encouraged, but not mandatory (Please use APA when using/citing any articles/resources). – Can be written in an informal, first person voice (“I” statements are okay)
2. Creative Piece
– You can use your artistic merit to present a learning journal in a non-written form. This could include a painting, sculpture, YouTube video, posterboard, or any other form of craft. Your piece should be accompanied by a one pager outlining what your work represents, what you are responding and what the process entailed. Two Reminders: Journals should demonstrate your engagement with the readings. Simply explaining a concept or idea is not adequate. You should be reflective in how the materials altered or confirmed your own ideas and express how you have related to the material in a critical and meaningful way. Beyond the reflection questions available to you, you can also consider more broadly:
What was the authors overall purpose or message? What did you agree with or find difficult to digest/unpack? Can you identify with what the author was saying? Is so in what ways? What historical or contemporary issues relate closely to the article? Is this article relevant to any current events or recent media that you are aware of?

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