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Purpose This project provides you an opportunity to analyze risks, threats, and

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Computer Science | 0 comments


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Purpose This project provides you an opportunity to analyze risks,
threats, and vulnerabilities and apply countermeasures in the information
systems environment. Introduction Contemporary organizations collect, store, and transmit a
tremendous amount of highly sensitive data. Despite the many benefits that information technology
offers, these systems are not completely secure. Proper controls must be put in place to mitigate security
risks and protect vital business information. Scenario Fullsoft, Inc. is a software development company based in
New York City. Fullsoft’s software product development code is kept
confidential in an effort to safeguard the company’s competitive advantage in
the marketplace. Fullsoft recently experienced a malware attack; as a result,
proprietary information seems to have been leaked. The company is now in the
process of recovering from this breach. You are a security professional who reports to Fullsoft’s
infrastructure operations team. The Chief Technology Officer asks you and your
colleagues to participate in a team meeting to discuss the incident and its
potential impact on the company. Tasks Prepare for the meeting by deliberating on the
following questions: · How
would you assess the risks, threats, and/or vulnerabilities that may have
allowed this incident to occur, or could allow a similar incident to occur in
the future?
· What
insights about risks, threats, and/or vulnerabilities can you glean from
reports of similar incidents that have occurred in other organizations?
· What
potential outcomes should the company anticipate as a result of the malware
attack and possible exposure of intellectual property?
· Which
countermeasures would you recommend the company implement to detect current vulnerabilities,
respond to the effects of this and other successful attacks, and prevent future
Write an outline of key points (related the
questions above) that the team should discuss at the meeting. As a reminder, you may use the book for this
course and the Internet to conduct research. You are encouraged to respond
creatively, but you must cite credible sources to support your work.

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