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Unusual Circumstances
Provide your response below.
Please describe how and when any unusual family or personal circumstances have affected your achievement in school, work experience, or your participation in school and community activities. (1000 character limit including spaces).
Some details for a writer:
Unusual family circumstances – moved to other state where we have never been before. Went to a school with a high rating and found 1) in a previous school from all of 30 students only one student had A mark for all subjects. Others had only B or C. 2) In a new School about 90 % of students had A marks fro all subjects 3) In an old school teacher were always saying that “Good Job” and “Well done” even though the student made a lot of mistakes and that lead to when a student even did not realize that he /she did not understand that subject well – because of the teacher that always tried to be positive and never pointed to a mistakes that student makes. But at the end of a semester student accidently saw bad marks ( How it may be possible? The teacher always was happy and said “Well done!)
In a new school teachers are pointed on mistakes that student made and pointed to the way how to act better, provide an access to free tutoring after school for any subjects the student needed and provided a lot of opportunities to participate in clubs).
I found a friend that was very good at math and got only A for any math test. And seeing that I asked myself – Why is he able to do that ? And I am not at his level? And I stared to do maximum what I can to improve. Next semester I got my fist B then first A and then I got a Honor certificate every next year because i made it and became accomplished student thanks to that school and to teachers and a school policy

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