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Professional issues in nursing: challenges and opportunities(fifth, north american ed.).

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Architecture and Design homework help | 0 comments


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The following post is another student post to wish i have to react adding some extra information related to the student post.  APA STYLE AND LESS THAN 20 % SIMILARITY 
One of the most important factors to keep in mind when planning to use social media as a teaching tool is important that the nurse keeps in mind the norms of responsible and appropriate technology use. HIPAA should be carefully observed and no publication can include information that may identify the patient (Huston, 2019). One of the most complex issues in the use of internet is security. It is hard to be sure who are you really interacting with in the other end of the communication. Another constant issue is plagiarism as nurses if we are going to publish information, proper credit should be given to the source.
2.         Social networks facilitate the organization of common interest groups, for example Facebook groups to support diabetics, new parents, single moms, etc. Bookmarking sites facilitate following of professional organizations and their updates, regarding areas of interests for the health care professional. Media sharing offers a platform to send and receive information and new findings among professionals developing the same areas. Microblogging that offers a way to post information by either short comments or full links to the pages that one wants to distribute. Wikipedia that allows users to publish information and add to existing information on the page. (Huston, 2019)
3.         The fact that internet is worldwide exposes all information and all users to every possible threat. As many of us use the interest with the sole purpose of sharing and finding information, there are unimaginable number of people that are looking to do harm in the internet, either by stealing personal information, by selling fake remedies to common problems or just for fun they want to play with people’s feelings. Also, when using social media as nurses we need to keep in mind the privacy of our patients, no identifiers should ever be published. Since privacy rules should always be maintained even in discussion with other professionals. (Huston, 2019)
Huston, C. (2019). Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities(Fifth, North American ed.). Philadelphia, PA, PA: LWW.

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