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Prepare/Enrich Couple Analysis Overview The Couple Analysis will assist students

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments


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Prepare/Enrich Couple Analysis
The Couple Analysis will assist
students in synthesizing the training they complete by administering the Prepare/Enrich
assessment to a pre-marital couple. As a trained facilitator, students will be
able to study and analyze the results of the inventory.
Basic Instructions
Students will find a pre-marital
couple and administer the Prepare/Enrich for the assignment. Students should
not use married couples nor can they use themselves. This exercise is NOT
intended to be a counseling exercise, but a simple administration and a written
analysis by the student based upon the information revealed from the inventory
only. Again, this is not formal counseling by the student. If the student
wishes to conduct pre-marital counseling with the couple, they certainly can,
but this is not in the scope of this assignment.
of the Paper
All papers should be written from
either APA or Turabian writing style. This means all papers should have a
correctly formatted cover page, abstract (APA), body of the paper and a
reference/bibliography page. Page numbers, 12 point font, double spaced,
correctly formatted headings, and excellent grammar are expected. Make sure you
use pseudo names for your couple. Students should always cite their source(s). To
not do this, is to plagiarize.
this short paper, the student will develop an analysis (200 words for each
section) of the elements listed below. It is very important that each
student use the bold font headings below as their outline and headings in
the paper. You will notice that the first heading is a level one heading
and the others, a level two.
Couple Analysis [Paper Title]
Information for the Couple
Use the information you glean from
this section found on page 3, of the facilitator report to briefly describe the
couple. This only needs to be a brief description of the couple. You
need not go into detail, nor share everything you see on page 3 (age,
educational background, employment, birth order, how long they have known each
other, how the family feels about their marriage, etc.). Address only those
things that may seem significant. (200 words limit) You should NOT go into
detail about things outside this report, things you might have known already. This
section, and those below, should ONLY be information learned from the report.
On page 4, you should see your
couple’s type, Vitalized, Harmonious, Conventional, or Conflicted. With the
knowledge described in the assessment, briefly list what possible strengths
or weaknesses you notice with this type of couple. (200 words)
Strengths or Growth Areas
Study through the topics/scales from
Communication through Marital Expectations. Select one topic that you feel needs
special attention in counseling with this couple, and briefly explain why. It
may be difficult to choose only one, yet put thought and reflection into you
answer. An example of this could be Conflict Resolution, since some couple have
a lower positive couple agreement on the scale. Another might be Partner Style
& Habits, since this domain addresses personality, temperament, controlling
behaviors, temper, etc. When the positive couple agreement is low, or there is
a special focus area within one of these scales, the counselor can begin to
help couples talk through many of these important topics. (200 words total for
the one topic)
Model/Family Map
map shows the degree of connectedness and flexibility the couple’s family of
origin has. (Do not confuse this with the Couple’s Map) This scale describes
their Family of Origin (FOO). Based upon the individual’s FOO location on the
map, what are discussion topics a counselor may need to have with the couple? An
example of the FOO might be that one individual indicates a very connected,
fixable FOO, while the other person indicates an inflexible disconnected FOO.
Address one issue this might present for the couple. (200 words)
Personality Scale
Toward the end of the facilitator’s report
you will notice the SCOPE assessment. Study these 5 scales carefully (Social, Change,
Organization, Pleasing & Emotionally Steady). Based upon this self-scoring
assessment, is there a scale that deserves more discussion with the couple,
than others? To give you an example, take the first scale, Social. If
the score is low for one individual and the other individual scores high, this
might speak to how they might engage friends, family gathering, workplace
events, etc. Another might be Organized. A difference in scores might indicate
future conflict between the couple. These differences deserve an in-depth
conversation with the counselor. Select one for a brief explanation. (200
What stood out to you as learning
opportunities when thinking through the scores within this assessment? What
possibilities are there for future exploration with this couple? (200 words)

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