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POWER POINT!!! C3: Russell Company is a pesticide manufacturer. Its sales declin

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Accounting | 0 comments


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C3: Russell Company is a pesticide manufacturer. Its sales
declined greatly this year due to the passage of legislation
outlawing the sale
of several of Russell’s chemical pesticides. In the coming
year, Russell will
have environmentally safe and competitive chemicals to
replace these
discontinued products. Sales in the next year are expected
to greatly exceed
those from any prior years. The decline in sales and profits
appears to be a
one-year aberration. But even so, the company president
fears a large dip in
the current year’s profits. He believes that such a dip
could cause a
significant drop in the market price of Russell’s stock and
make the company a
takeover target.
To avoid this possibility, the company president calls in
Zoe Baas, controller, to discuss this period’s year-end
adjusting entries. He
urges her to accrue every possible revenue and to defer as
many expenses as
possible. He says to Zoe, “We need the revenues this year,
and next year can
easily absorb expenses deferred from this year. We can’t let
our stock price be
hammered down!” Zoe didn’t get around to recording the
adjusting entries until
January 17, but she dated the entries December 31 as if they
were recorded
then. Zoe also made every effort to comply with the
president’s request.
Respond thoroughly to the following questions in your
PowerPoint presentation:
Who are the stakeholders in this situation?
What are the ethical considerations of (a) the president’s
request and (b) Zoe dating the adjusting entries December
Can Zoe accrue revenues, defer expenses, and still be
Can Zoe’s accrued revenues and deferred expenses be illegal?
Who do you think can discover Zoe’s accrued revenues and
deferred expenses?
A minimum of seven slides are required for your oral
presentation. The Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation should
Title slide
Abstract slide
Answers to the outlined questions
Conclusion slide
Use in text citations where appropriate in your slide’s note
Respond to each question in a thorough manner, providing
supporting information concerning revenues, expenses and
adjusting entries with
the profession’s commitment to ethics and the impact in the
income statements
Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one
idea to another, including word choice and oral
expressiveness while leading
the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.
Your presentation should be highly ordered, logical, and
unified and demonstrate original thought.
Oral Presentation Skills required in your presentation:
Narration of your slides to have clear annunciation,
academic-professional tone, with minimal background

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