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please view (in whole or in part) the Social Dilemma (Links to an external site.

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please view (in whole or in part) the Social Dilemma (Links to an external site.) documentary and compose a one-page (single-spaced) informal reflection that answers the following questions:
1) What is something interesting you learned about social media? Why is it interesting? Do you think it is important to know about? Why or why not? Just reflect on your basic reactions to the thing you learned.
2) How is the interesting thing you learned related to a concept we covered in modules 6-7 (persuasion and influence)? Be sure to thoroughly and accurately summarize the concept from class and demonstrate its relation to the thing you learned about social media as clearly and explicitly as you can.
3) Can anything we learned about in modules 6-7 improve our relationship with social media? If so, what? And how? Be specific. If not… well, you’re just not thinking hard enough 🙂
Your reflection does not need to be written in any specific format (e.g., MLA), nor do you need to reference or cite external sources. This is an informal reflection, which means that you should casually (but thoughtfully and clearly) jot down your most honest responses to the prompts. Also, please keep in mind that this documentary – like most – puts a “spin” on its subject of interest. I trust you to use your best discretion. In any case, it’s an entertaining and insightful glimpse into some of the processes popular social media platforms use to manipulate your attention and, perhaps unintentionally, your thinking.
Follow instructions, answer all of the questions in the prompt, and accurately summarize and connect a concept from the persuasion and influence modules
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