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*** PLEASE USE THIS VIDEO: BBC’s “A New Perspective on Psychedelics” (Link: http

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*** PLEASE USE THIS VIDEO: BBC’s “A New Perspective on Psychedelics” (Link: TO BASE PAPER ON ***
The overall prompt for the paper is uploaded in the file titled “I’ve provided. Please, please, PLEASE reach out to me if you have any questions! I am REALLY trying to well on this assignment as I’m on the brink of earning a B or C in this course. Obviously, absolutely no plagarism at all.
I can take care of the title page and I have provided all of the required video details (stated before the actual material within the paper starts) except for the DESCRIPTION section, which I would like you to write since I did not actually watch this podcast.
– Example description for ANOTHER podcast I did not choose: “Description: In a fit of anger or in the grip of fear, many of us make decisions that we never would have anticipated. This week, we look at situations that make us strangers to ourselves and why it is so difficult to remember what these “hot states” feel like once the moment is over.”
You can copy and paste what’s below but please add a description of the podcast!
Title: BBC Podcast: A New Perspective on Psychedelics
Publisher: BBC, Sounds
Date: Aug 24, 2018
Length of Podcast: 52.59 minutes
** Please talk about material within the chapter of my class’s textbook in Ch. 6. There is no set amount of topics you need to cover. Just address the prompt correctly. This material in Ch. 6 consists of: Audition; Sound and The Ear Pitch, Perception, The Auditory Cortex, Hearing Loss, Sound Localization (in closing: functions of hearing.)
Another art of the chapter focusses on The Mechanical Senses; Vestibular Sensation, Somatosensation, Pain, Itch (in closing: the mechanical senses.)
The last part of this lecture covers material on The Chemical Senses; Chemical Coding, Taste Olfaction, Pheromones Synesthesia (in closing: “senses as ways of knowing the World”)
you do NOT have to cover all of these topics, ONLY the ones that pertain to the podcast. You dont need to go over all of them if there are many topics covered in the podcast.
Textbook used for my class: Biological Psychology, James W. Kalat (12e)

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