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Please use the attached job description and resumes to answer the following ques

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Please use the attached job description and resumes to answer the following questions.
1. How would you rate the candidates from best fit for the role to worst fit?
2. Who would be the best applicant to present to the client for the role?
3. What questions would you need answered to fully understand the client’s needs?
DevOps Engineer
Job Description
Our client is seeking an innovative and experienced DevOps engineer to help building and implementing the IT infrastructure and software tools for developing self-driving vehicles. You will be part of the DevOps team working on every step of the software development process in order to enable our R&D teams.
Responsibilities Include
Support R&D teams, including development of specialized R&D tools
Automated deployment of development environments, including to test vehicles
Create and maintain tools like Git, Atlassian, and custom internal tools
Support solid software-development practices
At least a Bachelor degree in CS, CE, E/E or comparable
Minimum 2-4, preferably 5+ years of experience in DevOps or comparable field providing you with
Expert Linux skills
C++ 11 and STL project experience to enable sophisticated root cause analysis (e.g. such as identifying why a Jenkins build is broken)
Solid understanding in Python, Bash and Ansible (or Chef/Puppet) scripting
Understanding two-factor authentication including certificate management
Software development processes knowledge including
Ability to use version control mechanisms like Git or Mercurial
Experience working with software development teams doing DevOps
Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Build systems including package & dependency management
Knowledge of Agile methodologies and/or experience at a small company
Experience with data centers, Hadoop HDFS or other large filesystems
Storage experience (NAS, SAN, RAID, …).
Docker and VMs
Preferable skills regarding (one space less before this headline)
Embedded Linux, QNX, Robot Operating System (ROS) and RTOS experience in general
Using the Atlassian tool chain in a professional environment
Customer focused working style and communication skills
Understanding of self-driving vehicles or robotics
Familiarity with Asimov’s 4 rules

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