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**PLEASE REVIEW ATTACHMENTS PROVIDED for further details** Company assigned is F

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Company assigned is FedEx
Write a comprehensive
report containing with the following elements: (If report is partially completed, the report
will not be accepted. You must have all
parts completed before I will grade your report. Remember this is a
comprehensive report and must be summited as a whole.
a. Declared Company – Write 1-3
pages about the company and its direction from a financial standpoint (This is
based on combination of narrative and quantitative measurements in the annual
report.) (Measures C6)
i. It is suggested to write this section after researching items b-i
b. Discuss the users of the annual
report. Describe how users can utilize
the information. The suggested length be ½ – 1 page. (Measures C1-C2)
c. Identify the main financial
statements in the annual report and describe the basic financial statement
elements. Discuss if the financial statements follow GAAP and how can a user
identify if it is compliance with GAAP. The
suggested length be 1 to 1 ½ page. (Measures C2)
d. Discuss accounting information
system related to internal control systems. Based on Sarbanes-Oxely Act,
internal controls must be discussed and therefore, report contains these
topics. The suggested length should be 1 page. (Measures C3)
e. Risk Factors – Summarize 5 of the numerous risk factors stated in
the report. Risk factors are standard requirement of each company’s
report. Discuss risks’ impact on company and management. The suggested length
be 1 – 1 ½ page. (Measures C4-C6)
f. The annual report information
should discuss budget outcomes. Discuss budget results and management’s
reflection and//or action of budget outcomes. The suggested length be ½ – 1 page. (Measures C4-C5)
g. Create a vertical analysis for the most recent year for one major
financial statements (consolidated) (Measures C6)
h. Create a horizontal analysis for the most recent year and immediate
prior year for one major financial statements (consolidated) (measures C4 &
i. There are various categories of financial ratios discussed in this
course. For each category
Profitability, Solvency, Efficiencies, and Liquidity ratios, calculate at least
2 ratios (per category), utilizing the financial statements contained in the
annual report. Show the formula and the result. Discuss the results
and its meaning. The student may integrate information in the report that
explains ratio analysis and outcome
5. The report must be in one document. Final report should
be submitted here. Piecemeal reports will not be accepted and will
automatically receive a 0. Citations and
citation page are required, if applicable.
Report deliverables specifications: Times New Roman font
size 12
doubled space
moderate margin.
Citation page is required.

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