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Please respond to each post below In responding to peers, do you agree with thei

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Please respond to each post below
In responding to peers, do you agree with their mitigation plans? Are there additional considerations that this risk may represent? This follow-up communication is important as your considerations may also identify additional risk or risk mitigation strategies that could benefit the team and the project as a whole.
Bryce J
IT has informed me of a security vulnerability present in the production server. There is a high likelihood they will need to take down the server while they fix the vulnerability. I have been informed that this needs to occur sometime this week at the latest.
This requires attention from us and IT because having a vulnerability on our production server could be disastrous if any bad actors were to discover the vulnerability. Given the sensitive nature of the data that is stored on our production server I am labeling this a critical issue.
Downtime would mean delays for our on going projects. I recommend that we ask IT if they can schedule the maintenance for either an evening when we will not need the server or a weekend when none of us will be around. This should mitigate any impact on our schedule.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out.
Shawn p.
It has been brought to my attention that the IT Team has identified a vulnerability on our production server. It is critical that IT upgrades this server to mitigate any risks to the server, data and the university as a whole. The work is planned to be done this week, which has the potential for system downtime.
While this not ideal timing due to our project, its important to upgrade the software ASAP to avoid any breaches of the system that could lead to data being compromised or accessed from an outside attacker. I will work closely with the IT team on the timing of the upgrade, and let this team know when the work is planned to start and finish. With this timing in mind, we could plan our activities accordingly. This could include working on aspects of the project that might not need direct server access while this work is being performed. I will also make sure we have a backup of our project before the work is performed, just to be on the safe side should something go wrong.

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