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New Post by Bryanna Young: Yes, global organizations should appoint women as managers in countries that do not have the same beliefs as countries that believe in equal rights. Just like men, companies can train women to be leaders and “successful global players” just like they would a man within the same company (Achua & Lussier, 2016). As stated by Lussier & Achua (2016) on page 111, “some countries prefer domineering, self-centered, and autocratic leaders, whereas other countries prefer a more democratic and participative leadership style.” Many leaders believe women are not able to step up to the plate and be a “dominant” leader, which is not the truth, and many are capable of with the right training and selection.
After completing the behavioral leadership style quiz, I scored a higher score for a high people leadership style. Based on the contingency models, the leader’s effectiveness is dependent on the situation at hand (Achua & Lussier, 2016). If there is a leader-follower situation, building relationships and trust between the leader and follower is best. If it is a task related situation, then focusing more on the task at hand and giving more or less structure is best.
When it comes to substituting leaders in an organization, it is based on the task, the characteristics of the substitute, and the organizations need for the leader and their behavior. Leadership substitutes can be good for an organization based on the situation at hand. The need for more knowledge, training or experience could be an example of substituting leaders (Achua & Lussier, 2016). Other examples are the characteristics of the task; where the substitute leader could thrive, the main leader may have their downfall.
Achua, C. F. and Lussier, R. N. (2016). Leadership Theory, Application and Skill Development (6th ed.). Cengage.
New Post by Alec Ayers: I think global organizations should let women be in powerful positions within organizations no matter their beliefs as long as they are qualified. There is no reason women can’t hold the same kind of organizational power just because they are apart of certain beliefs, they are just as capable of being great leaders. I would make use of the normative leadership model as it uses the process of following norms and guidelines. I think being able to follow rules and guidelines shows who is capable of performing their job best, this would help me determine the appropriate leadership style as it would allow me to observe who is able to go by norms that most companies have in todays world. It is important that leaders are also good at following norms as they are also setting an example for their subordinates. Leadership substitutes can be useful in a variety of different situations for example, a shop of highly experienced mechanics who have all had many years of experience are in no need of a leader and are more than capable of coming in and doing their job everyday without needing to be lead.

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