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Please read carefully and answer all questions. I did upload what I wrote on dis

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments


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Please read carefully and answer all questions. I did upload what I wrote on discussion post last 5 weeks and assignment. I also add some information about myself.
Please let me know if you need more information. QUESTIION:
Reflect over what have you learned during this course. Describe three areas of knowledge and/or skill that you are taking away from the course and will apply in your (current or future) work environment. Be sure to include any information you learned by completing the self-assessments. Please be specific and support your response with an example covered in the course content and weekly discussions.
OB concept that has changed my thinking and behavior making a difference in my professional and personal effectiveness
* I work Walmart. When I listen more carefully customers, I realized I find solution easily
* I try to be good leader so I can have followers
* I try to draw positive outcome even from bad events. It makes me stronger.
* I set my goal; I am a team lead and want to be coach
* I try to show my associates that we are a team and instill that spirit in them. Because if they are failed, we all fail. For example, when district manager come to visit our store, if he did not like the associate’s performance, it effects of all of us. We must make sure; we are doing good job to taking care of customers
* In my work, I started to step on my feet more firmly. My job is customer service and I have to find a way to help customer. Because there is more than one way to help customer.
* When I have conflict with my colleagues, the sooner I realize I discover the point of conflict, the easier the solution will be
* I believe team work. One of the proverbs that we often use in daily life (in my culture), “what’s wrong with one hand, there is a voice of two hands”, it emphasizes the importance of helping and acting together. This saying also means that help should be sought for tasks that are not likely to be accomplished alone.

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