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Please no outside source I provied everything tou need. Photojournalism Journal

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Communications and Media | 0 comments


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Please no outside source I provied everything tou need.
Photojournalism Journal
This assignment has students examine the power of photojournalism to communicate a message
Instructional Materials
Matthew Brady’s National Archives Photography (Links to an external site.)
National Geographic Photography (Links to an external site.)
Life Magazine Photography (Links to an external site.)
Before the 19th Century, images included in print media were limited to artists’ renderings of a person or event (Vivian, 2011). Photojournalism is a product of photography and the halftone, invented in 1876. Mathew Brady is famous for his photographs of the Civil War, the first major war captured by a camera. Because of limitations of print technology, these photographs did not appear in newspapers, but they were important in establishing the groundwork for later photojournalism. The National Geographic Magazine, led by Gilbert Grosvenor, was on the forefront of documentary photography. LIFE Magazine was one of the first publications to show that newsworthy events could be compellingly covered by photography.
STEP ONE: Review Photography Websites
View the instructional resources for photography from Matthew Brady, National Geographic, and Life (classic LIFE photos). Note, all of the photographs in the collections have captions.
STEP TWO: Journal Entry
Do you believe the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Explain. If so, why don’t all newspapers include photographs with every article?
In general, why do magazines and newspapers rely on photographs more than books do?
Your answer should be in full sentences with a minimum of 4-6 sentences per question. To receive full credit, your response should demonstrate a depth of thought, an understanding of the impact of photography and the different roles and uses of various print media.

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