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Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer How can technology enhanc

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Criminology | 0 comments


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Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer
How can technology enhance police training? How will technological advancements assist with training officers to establish better relations with the community?
Do sentencing guidelines provide more or less equality or fairness in the sentencing process? Should we use them?
In order to receive any credit for weekly discussions all of the
following mentioned below must be met: NO EXCEPTIONS
the commentary to initial question at minimum 400 words?
the commentary to classmate at minimum 400 word?
the commentary show evidence of having read the material?
the commentary show evidence of thinking about the reading beyond just
summarizing it? (This may include extension to new circumstances extension to
new circumstances/other readings, contradictory evidence, internal (in)
consistency, and analyses of assumptions.)
the commentary include relevant evidence to support its own argument? HINT YOU WILL NEED CITATIONS
from simply stating “I agree” Or “great post”. If this is
all you write you will lose points for discussion HINT: YOU WILL ONLY GET 5 POINTS. If you agree with student clearly
state what it is you agree with or disagree with?
The standard practice (“netiquette”)
for participation in networked discussion requires that all participation be
focused on the topic at hand, not become personalized, and be substantive in
Ex. Author’s last name, year, and
page number
Ordaz, 2017, pg.6
Discussion Questions will be graded
based on response quality, and that an in-text citation is provided for each
original response. Integrate various main ideas from the book, thoughtfully
describe what the concept and/or issues mean to you, evaluate/analyze the
reasonableness or quality of ideas, identify hidden assumptions, fallacies, or
things take for granted.

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