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Please choose one essay from the following choices to submit this week. Please

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Please choose one essay from the following choices to submit this week. Please use topical headings or numbers to make it easy for readers to see that you’ve covered all of the items. Essay need to be 300 words.
Essay 1
Discuss what is actually meant by management.
Distinguish between the two groups or approaches that have generated controversy within the NGO sector: Blueprint or scientific management and people-centered or enabling management.
David Lewis asserts that it is important to distinguish between the concept of managerialism from management. What is managerialism as defined by Christopher Pollitt (1993) in Chapter 3 of Lewis (2014)?
How does this definition translate “dangerously” to the development sector?
Essay 2
Managerialism is not just an ideology, it is also a set of practices. For many NGO managers managerialism is symbolized by the rise of the logical framework approach (log frame) as a tool for project planning. Some NGOs have voluntarily adopted the log frame as a planning tool whereas other NGOs have found that this planning tool was imposed on the organization by donor agencies. Another example of a tool for project planning is the theory of change approach, which aims to make clearer the theory and evidence that underpins a proposed intervention. Compare the theory of change approach to the log frame approach.
In your opinion, which planning tool is more effective?
Essay 3
The need to learn lessons when things go wrong is one of the most important prerequisites for organizational learning. David Lewis (2014) comments on the “failure to learn from failure” in the NGO world and how this inability to learn is a key management problem. Why do NGOs in practice find learning so difficult?
Why do NGOs in practice find admitting failure so difficult?
How can an NGO become a learning organization? (Britton, 1998Actions , (Links to an external site.), and Arévalo, et al., 2010,Actions plus the video below will be helpful in thinking about this essay).

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