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A couple items for your attention on this assignment:
Per the class discussion, there are multiple topics from which to select for this paper.  Those topics are:
Corruption, political and/ or private sector
Economy (inflation, recession, etc.)
For those students that have selected  ‘strategy’ as a topic for the Memo, attached please find the paper “What is Strategy” by Michael D. Porter 
Keep in mind the topic (“Strategy”) will also be a memo directed to a person(s) of your choosing
This will reflect your current vision and strategy as to your education, career, future strategy and expectations as to how you will achieve and obtain those strategic goals and objectives. 
The paper requires the Memo format, no matter the topic
Finally, to whomever you address this Memo, be certain to link the Memo and its contents to the recipient as to why it is being addressed to that individual
N.B. a timely submission utilising the Memo format will garner a grade of ZERO.  Negative points are awarded for a late submission, not utilising the Memo format or no paper submitted by the final submission deadline beyond the late submission. 
Please advise of any questions.
lj mahon

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