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Part 1: Think critically about how injured muscle changes function and how that

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Case Study | 0 comments


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Part 1:
Think critically about how injured muscle changes function and how that needs to be considered during exercise
Integrate your knowledge of metabolic with biomechanics to understand the true importance of tendons during daily tasks such as walking
After listening to the 4th part of the muscle lecture on injured muscle, answer the following questions. (10 points each) – Muscle Power point will be provided.
If we consider a basketball player sustained a quadriceps strain 5 days ago…
How would a PT/AT use the information we just discussed to plan a rehab protocol?
How would a strength coach use this information to develop a conditioning plan?
Look through the associated powerpoint slides taken from a journal article on the importance of tendons/springs during walking. Energy powerpoint will be provided.
. The figure captions accompany the images. Pay specific attention to what I underlined in red on each slide. That is the take home message from the associated image. Using the information on those slides, answer the following questions.
Suppose an individual suffers a stroke and has weakness in the plantar flexors on the right leg. What does this mean for the individual in terms of where the workload for walking will now come from? And, what does this do to the individual’s metabolic cost of walking? (10 points)
Do a brief internet search on ankle-foot orthoses, prosthetics, and/or exoskeletons. Select 1 that you find that may be capable of helping the above patient overcome his/her plantar flexor weakness and loss of Achilles contribution to walking.
Provide a link to the device (5 points)
Find 1 journal article (peer reviewed) that discusses how the device is capable of helping improve gait. Provide the link. (5 points)
Write a 2-paragraph summary of the device (10 points each)
Paragraph 1 should focus on the device- components, how it functions regardless of the biomechanical components
Paragraph 2 should focus on the biomechanical aspects of how the device works (effectiveness in changing biomechanics or improving walking)

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