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Part 1 150 words Suppose managers in an Organization decided to hand out laptop

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Computer Science | 0 comments


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Part 1 150 words
Suppose managers in an Organization decided to hand out laptop computers to all sales people without making other formal changes in organizational strategy or business strategy.
What might be the outcome?
What unintended consequences might occur?
Part 2 100 word reply to Dave
Business Strategy Consequences
Good morning, class! The business strategy of an organization explains the direction the organization aims to go and how the organization plans to get there. Giving a sales group laptop computers provides the group with the ability to conduct sales while out of the office. If meeting with potentially new clients out of the office, this also gives the group the ability to query live estimates as to what the client can expect to pay for their goods and services. As stated on with regards to having salesmen drive revenue, “The best way to reach these goals is by spending more times in the field, leading more productive conversations with prospects and customers, with access to any needed data in real-time. (Walter, 2017)” Assuming that this organization has a business model that is aimed at progressing forward with increased sales or productivity, this decision by management would be in line with the organizations business strategy. The outcome and unintended consequence of this decision could lead to an increase in sales for the organization.
Part 3 100 word reply to Lee
Hardware Changes vs Strategy Implications
If managers in a company decided to provide laptops to all their sales employees without introducing a strategy or a business plan that shows the purpose of the laptops, then this could end up having a very negative outcome for the company. For instance, what If the sales associates are not tech savvy and not sure how to properly use their new laptops to do their daily tasks without proper training or guidance? Also, without proper training and preparation for the software and applications the sales associates will be using, it would be more difficult as some associates may not be as comfortable or may even refuse any immediate changes without proper preparation. The ideal outcome of providing laptops for associates is better productivity, efficiency, and mobility. This would benefit the company greatly if the proper preparation has been communicated. Failure to ensure a smooth transition is implemented will result in laptops not being utilized properly and also an investment wasted.

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