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Paragraph 1 – Who are you? Introduce yourself and describe your personal brand.

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Paragraph 1 – Who are you?
Introduce yourself and describe your personal brand. Support this statement with an example from your
experiences that clearly demonstrates the skillset or attributes that would be of interest to an employer.
• You may include educational, work, extra-curricular and/or personal experiences in this section.
• Please provide detail on where you gained the experience(s) and how your personal brand has been
Paragraph 2 – Why are you interested in BCom with Internship?
Share your professional development and career goals. How will participation in the BCom with Internship degree
program aid in this development?
• Please include up to three areas of interest and any industries of choice.
Paragraph 3 – What do you think will be your greatest challenge in the internship program?
Use this section as an opportunity to self-reflect on what aspects of the program may prove to be an obstacle for
you to overcome in your commitment to the BCom with Internship degree program.
• Consider factors such as: recruitment (writing cover letters, the interview process, competition), time
commitment to the program, travelling to off-campus interviews (if applicable), leaving school for 12-16 months,
possible relocation, transitioning from student to professional, adapting to a new work culture.
You may provide any concluding thoughts for your application that you feel may be relevant and of interest to the
Selection Committee.
Recomendations: Use strong, clear and concise language to demonstrate your written communication skills.
• You may include the use of pronouns when necessary.
• Answer all questions in full and provide as much detail as possible to give the selection committee a clear
understanding of your interests and expectations

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