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Overview As part of doctoral-level work, it is important to be able to evaluate

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Religion and Theology | 0 comments


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As part of
doctoral-level work, it is important to be able to evaluate resources. This
evaluation includes an analysis of the resource within the discipline itself
and an analysis of the resource from a biblical worldview perspective. As such,
students are asked to demonstrate one’s ability to provide in-depth analysis
through the avenue of a book critique. Instructions
You must read the Smith text and write a 4–6-page
review. This is not simply a summary of the book, but it is a review of the content.
The Book Review Assignment must adhere to current APA format.
To complete the Book Review Assignment,
write the review using the following structure:
Introduction (No more than a half-page)
· This
must be a single but strong paragraph that reveals what you intend to show the
reader. This is your “thesis statement.”
· Include
a brief review of background data about the book, author, and the topic of the book.
Brief Summary (1–2 pages: no more than
20% of your review)
· Do
not state what every single chapter is about; instead, capture the main idea(s)
of the book along with the underlining subtopics and themes.
· Briefly
overview what the book as a whole is about as well as the issues, themes, and
solutions the author presents.
· Identify
the main idea of the book and differentiate between the central and peripheral
Critical Interaction with the Book (2–4
pages: around 70% of your review)
· Do
not discuss your agreement or disagreement with the author’s perspective.
Instead, try to recognize what the author’s points are and what theological
issues are prevalent.
· Document
your assessment of the text. If you make a judgment of the author’s opinion,
give an example along with a footnote to designate where this can be observed.
· Where
is the author coming from? What is his goal?
· Does
the author prove his point? Why or why not? How?
· What
are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments?
Conclusion (No more than a half-page)
· Bring
together all your interactions with the book and wrap up your review by conveying
how well you think the author achieved his goals and to what degree his purpose
was achieved.
· In
what ways does the book make you think?
· With
what questions does the author leave you?
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality
via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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