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OVERVIEW 1. Write a research report that deals with the core political probl

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Political Science | 0 comments


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1. Write
a research report that deals with the core political problem identified with the item or issue selected in
the Policy Brief Proposal. Propose a feasible recommendation towards resolving the
core political problem and indicate its policy implications. KEY
1. The executive summary a. description of the core political
problem addressed
b. statement
on why the
current policy/situation needs to be modified or changed c. recommendation for action to the ‘target audience’
2. Context
and salience of the core political problem a. statement of the core political
problem or issue in
focus b. short
overview of
the root causes of the core issue
3. Critical
appraisal of existing alternative(s)
a. explain
why and how
the current approach is failing 4. Proposed
a. provide
a proposal of how the current approach to the core political problem could/should be
modified, improved or entirely changed b. include
a paragraph
emphasising the importance of political/policy action
5. Provide a specific and verifiable
reference to the designated ‘target audience’ a. link to external recipient of the final
research report
a. format
as a policy brief
b. compile a
list of complete and properly cited and formatted references on a separate page
c. apply
the selected citation style to all sources consulted d. standard
font, size 12, e. double-space
in text, single-space in Sources Cited
f. pagination
1. factual basis: topic-specific and fully documented 2. conceptual framework: relevant and effectively applied
3. analysis: rigorous
4. argumentation: consistent, plausible, and persuasive
5. presentation: lucid, concise, and compelling
Please refer to this source for the assignment;

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