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Organization or Company Profile Note: You may use an actual or fictional organiz

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Business | 0 comments


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Organization or Company Profile
Note: You may use an actual or
fictional organization
The following organization/company is
proposed for the completion of the Initial and Final papers for this
course: Plan for Effectively Integrating
and Deploying Knowledge Management and Information Systems to Achieve
Organizational Improvement
What is the name of organization/company (a pseudonym is acceptable)?
Is this an actual organization/company or fictional?
Is the organization/company for-profit, non-profit, or government?
What is the major product or service of the
Online Shopping, Delivery, ect.
What is the size of the organization/company (i.e., number
of employees, annual revenue or budget, number of locations)?
798,000 Employees, 110 active fulfillment centers in the US and 185 centers
What part of the organization/company are you going to review (e.g.,
entire organization/company, division, subunit, or group)? Please be specific.
The entire organization, growth and new development and acquiring new
sectors for growth.
How will you gain access to the
details of the organization/company (e.g.,
current culture, current systems, insights on management support)? Note: If
using a fictional organization, how will you
develop the details?
I will do research and gain details of the organization/company in new
processes and developments that have been discussed and introduced.
Why did you select this
organization/company for this final assignment?
Amazon has grown and acquired so many new entities and has grown from
just an online shopping outlet to delivering groceries, medicine and also today
acquired a streaming service. This will bring new competition to other
streaming service like Netflix and Disney plus.
What specific requirements are going to be addressed by the deployment
of knowledge management and information systems?
People. Your program
should increase the ability of individuals within the organization to
influence others with their knowledge.
Processes. The processes
you establish should include best practices and governance for the
efficient and accurate identification, management and dissemination of
Technology. The technology
you choose should enhance how you configure and use tools and automation
to enable knowledge management.
Structure. Organizational
structures should transform to facilitate and encourage cross-discipline
awareness and expertise.
Culture. Your
organization should establish and cultivate a knowledge-sharing,
knowledge-driven culture for long-term success.
I found these and will target them in my final project Amazon is
constantly changing and introducing new acquired services, growing to quickly
without taking into consideration the following can bring a very successful
company tumbling down.
Some common challenges you may want to prepare for
to recognize or articulate knowledge; turning tacit knowledge into
explicit knowledge
distance and/or language barriers in an international company
of information and communication technologies
defined areas of expertise
changing business
conflicts (e.g. professional territoriality)
of incentives or performance management goals
training or mentoring programs
barriers (e.g. “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality)
Additional Information from professor The goal of the initial paper is to determine whether you understand explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. For example, Nonaka and Takeuchi point out that there are two types of knowledge: (1) explicit knowledge and (2) tacit knowledge. The explicit knowledge is generally contained in manuals and operating procedures. However, tacit knowledge is learned only by experience and communicated indirectly through metaphor and analogy. In western society, especially the U.S, managers focus on explicit knowledge. However, the Japanese focus on tacit knowledge. Nonaka and Takeuchi argue that learning how to transform tacit into explicit knowledge is the key to success in business.
After a brief introduction and the problem statement (I don’t see a problem statement in your paper), you need to list the research topics/questions. Here, you will need to make a case for why the problem and solution you have proposed to this study (paper) is vital to the success of Amazon’s operation. Although your chapter one discussion is on the right track, you have primarily discussed Porter’s five forces model. There is no discussion on how to transform tacit into explicit knowledge. How do you relate this knowledge to buyers, IT staff, etc.? What is your strategy to better-utilized software’s functionality? What is the methodology to train instructors, staff, and IT personnel? You also need to provide additional peer-reviewed articles for the MIS, Knowledgebase, and other related articles to strengthen your analysis as well. There are also grammatical errors in your document (Porter’s last name needs to be capitalized)

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