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Essay Question: How did white Americans, European immigrants, and government officials treat African-Americans seeking housing and employment when they arrived in midwestern and northeastern cities during the Great Migration? What were the effects of racism in housing and employment on African American urban communities?
Summary of the Assignment: Craft a 5-page thesis-driven evidence-based historical essay (double-spaced with 1-inch margins) that clearly demonstrates various methods used by whites to maintain racial inequality in urban America. The essay should clearly identify the specific methods used by key individuals, groups, government officials and/or agencies to maintain segregation, inequality and racial injustice between in the twentieth century.
Writing Requirements and Sources: Effective papers must be supported with substantial evidence based on specific examples from the required texts. Essays must include accurate references to specific groups, individuals, organizations, events, industries, political practices, patterns of behavior, types of conflict between clearly identified groups and people. Essays must be uploaded as a pdf file or Microsoft Word document into Canvas.
The structure of the historical essay should be based on the following: 1) a clearly crafted thesis-based introduction, 2) proper paragraph formation that includes clear claims in each body paragraph supported by several examples of specific evidence,
3) proper citation and, 4) clearly written sentences that reflect proper grammar and punctuation. Students should capitalize proper nouns and refrain from the use of symbols, bulleted lists, slang, text language, or illustrations. This is an academic assignment; formal vocabulary is required. Any essay that is incoherent, randomly organized, or lacks a logical progression of thought will not receive a passing grade. To pass, students must demonstrate the ability to accurately interpret readings and to select and integrate appropriate examples and passages from the readings to support their claims. Do not summarize one reading at a time – that will not receive a passing grade. In each body paragraph, integrate supporting examples from more than one required text. Failure to cite, missing citations, or incomplete citations constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in a zero grade. This is not a group assignment – failure to produce individual work will result in a zero grade. The use of outside sources is prohibited, using unapproved sources will result in a zero. Essays are graded based on the L03 rubric.
Mandatory MLA Citation Required
Students are required to use MLA to cite any paraphrased or cited information taken texts. For example: (Jackson, 83) or (Wilson, 59). Students may also opt to use the Chicago Method of citation. Students must also type a Work Cited page. Failure to cite is considered plagiarism and will result in a zero grade. Citations should appear at the end of the sentence where quoted or paraphrased material is stated. There are no extensions on the due date, failure to If an essay is submitted late it will be penalized 10 points for every 24 hour period, after 48 hours beyond the deadline the essay will not be accepted, and the grade automatically becomes zero.
*Students may not use any outside texts for this assignment. The use of any unauthorized sources not listed on this assignment results in a zero grade for the essay.

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