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Only 4 pages long. This assessment relates to the following unit learning outcom

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Only 4 pages long.
This assessment relates to the following unit learning outcomes:
(1) explain and apply contemporary evidence based organisational behaviour knowledge to real world situations;
(2) apply critical thinking and diagnostic skills to analyse case studies and realistic scenarios using organisational behaviour theories and concepts;
(3) develop strategic solutions to a range of organisational behaviour (OB) challenges in the contemporary workplace that incorporates multiple stakeholder perspectives;
(5) recognise, understand and identify appropriate actions to ethical dilemmas and cross-cultural situations; and
(7) apply leadership knowledge and skills to improve individual and organisational effectiveness.
Purpose: The purpose of the personal case analysis is to assess your ability to identify a problem from an OB perspective in a case example of your choice, apply your understanding of OB theories and concepts and knowledge of human behaviour to develop and justify appropriate solutions to the problem(s) that improve outcomes in your chosen context.
Description and Guidelines: Choose an organisational behaviour issue in your organisation from the topics covered in Weeks 2-6 inclusive that you would like to research and apply your understanding of OB theories and concepts. Your assessment will be based both on your ability to define and explain any relevant OB theories AND to apply it to the specific organisational experience/challenge. Your discussion should be concise, thoughtful and relevant.
Your case analysis should be based around ONE main OB topic chosen from the following list:
Diversity (Wk 2)
Attitudes at work (Wk 2)
Personality (Wk 3)
Values (Wk 3)
Emotions and moods (Wk 4)
Motivation and performance (Wks 5 &
Please do organisation: Curtin University. Draft in attachments.
Organizational Behavior, Book by Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge
Another resource:

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