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One of the great developments of Western civilization is the rise of Christianit

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Ancient Literature | 0 comments


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One of the great developments of Western civilization is the rise of Christianity. Trace the historyof Christianity from being a persecuted Jewish minority with just hundreds of followers to theofficial state religion of the Roman Empire. Be sure to discuss the historical background forJudaism and Christianity prior to the birth of Jesus in the last two centuries BC; the development ofthe early Christian church in the High Roman Empire (ca. 30 AD – 200 AD), the persecution ofChristians during the Third Century Crisis and the Dominate; and examine crucial figures such asSt. Paul, Diocletian, Constantine and St. Augustine.What are the main tenets of Christ’s teaching, as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount? How doChristian values compare with those of the Greco-Roman tradition? What were the key elements ofthe early Catholic Church? Explain the most important reasons for its ultimate triumph as a worldreligion.Following the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, the Catholic Church became the mostimportant centralizing institution in Medieval Europe or Latin Christendom. Describe manorialismand feudal society in the Middle Ages and how the Church fit within this structure. Why did papalpower reach its zenith under Innocent III?What was the medieval worldview and how did it help make sense of a Christian’s life, faith inGod and belief in eternal life? Make sure to mention the importance of Scholasticism, especiallythe theology of St. Aquinas, and how medieval science was grounded in ancient Greek philosophyand science, especially Aristotle.Use the primary sources in the reader to support your analysis.Your essay should be no more than 1000 words and must be uploaded as a Word document to SafeAssign on Blackboard no later than end-of-day date listed on the syllabus.

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