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(one and a half pages)

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Below are the required elements of the Unit 3 Assignment:
Abstract: One paragraph summary and overview of the final project-overview (half page)
Introduction: Problem Statement
Provide a statement of the problem(s) your program is addressing.
Define the target population your program will be serving.
Explain the related social problem(s), the area of  practice/concentration, agency setting, and geographical location-local,  state, national, global, virtual (half page)
Literature Review: The literature review summarizes  current peer-reviewed research on the research problem or topic. It  explores the cause, risk factors, background history and theoretical  perspectives related to the problem and the proposed program.
Part I: The Problem
Significant and Relevance: Does the research support the problem  statement? Does it confirm, expand or refute your problem statement?
Etiology: Causes and risk factors related to the problem. Cultural,  Social, Political and Religious Values and Practices Affecting the  Problem, including any ethical or legal issues.
Social and economic costs to society related to the problem. (One and a half pages)
Part II: The Program
Provide a background history on the program or if a new program,  background history on relevant or similar programs. What programs  currently exist? Where are there gaps in the system? How does your  program fulfill an unmet need or gap for the target population, in the  service delivery system and service area? (One and a half pages.) (This  part of the Assignment relates to the Unit 3 Discussion.)
The assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages (excluding title and  reference page), with at least 4 scholarly academic references in the  literature review.

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