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obtain the complete nutritional composition of all fleshy fruits, seeds, leaves,

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Biology | 0 comments


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obtain the complete nutritional composition of all fleshy fruits, seeds, leaves,
underground storage organs, and animal-derived ingredients in the attached document and discuss how they differ nutritionally. Do
you see any patterns in the distribution of macronutrients and micronutrients? Can you identify key
ingredients that contribute substantially to the recommended intake of some of the essential nutrients?
What are some of the benefits these essential nutrients offer in terms of lowering risks specific diseases?
Which essential nnutrients are missing for the day and why?
With the spreadsheet report in hand, take some time to explore the diversity and richness of the essential
nutrients in these meals.
You are expected to extract the most relevant numerical data and present these in two
separate tables: one focused on macronutrients and fibre and the other on micronutrients. You may include (but
it is not required) additional figures. Your write-up will be based on the information presented in your tables
(and figures, if included).
1. Title (5%). Your report should include a title that captures the essence of the paper.
Introduction (30%). Write about why good nutrition is important, what macro and micronutrients are and why its important to eat them everyday, and what the risks are for not getting enough of them. What
should the reader know about food diversity and essential nutrients before reading the analysis that
follows? Your introduction should therefore prepare your readers for the very specific and exciting
analysis your report will undertake. End your introduction by clearly articulating the objective of your
written report.
Main Body (50%). The main body will contain your analysis of the data generated from the
spreadhseet; your tables belong in this section. Make two tables for each meal: one for micro nutrients and one for macro nutrients, then make one big chart of the entire day. Then you have to make another chart comparing the amount of nutrients for the day’s meals compared to what is the recommended amound for a woman in her early 20s (example: is she eating enough carbs? if not, how can she get more? is she eating too much zinc? what are the effects of eating too much zinc?).
In the write-up of this section, you will
make the transition from data to information using the knowledge acquired in this course. In other
words, you will apply your knowledge by comparing and contrasting the nutritional composition of
the various ingredients and discuss why they are important..
Important note on tables: Your thoughtfully constructed table must include a clear descriptive title,
appropriate labels and units.
Minimum length (excluding tables): 2 pages
Maximum length (excluding tables): 4 pages
4. Conclusion (5%). The conclusion should write itself. A well-thought-out paper leads to a perfect
conclusion; a disorganized paper with no cohesive thread (just random listing of facts and numbers)
leads to a general and vague conclusion.
Maximum length: 1/2 page.
5. Literature cited (5%). Use the Harvard System of Referencing to cite and reference all your sources.
6. Appendix (2.5%). A copy of the Spreadsheet generated by NutritionCalc Plus. (attached spreasheet)
The following three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be analyzed for this report (attached spreadsheet).
Breakfast ingredients:
Pumpkin seeds
Dark chocolate
Cottage cheese
Lunch ingredients:
Dinner ingredients:
Potatoes (oven baked, not deep-fried)

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